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Tackling food waste

Food waste is a huge contributor to global greenhouse gases. In the UK £3.5bn worth of food is thrown away each year by UK households and a further £3bn by food service and hospitality.

With a longer life, Freshlock® can help reduce waste in homes, retail and professional kitchens without compromising taste.

Green energy

Our anaerobic digestion plant converts all our veggie waste into electricity to  power our entire factory and operations site, and we sell the surplus to the National Grid.

The AD plant also produces organic ‘digestate’ that is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and lots of other micronutrients…we use this to fertilise our crops completing the perfect self sufficient circle!

Custodians of nature

We look after our land like we are going to farm forever. Using nature positive practices, we encourage biodiversity and promote soil health. This not only protects our environment, but produces veggies of the highest quality.

Water stewardship

Water is a precious commodity that we have a duty to protect and use responsibly. It gives life to the crops and to the people and communities that are part of what we do. 

We are committed to sustainable water use and ensuring high standards of water management in the areas where we farm.Our new water treatment facility cleans and converts all our factory waste water into irrigation water for our crops. 

Leading the way

Being sustainable is at the heart of all we do and we continuously strive to improve our impact on the world. Our founder Peter Barfoot has been awarded a CBE for services to sustainable farming.

Barfoots are proud to be a LEAF ‘Beacon of Excellence’ and part of WRAP’s Courtauld Commitment to reduce waste, cut carbon and protect water.

Caring for our community

From our team in the UK to the workers we employ around the world, and the diverse communities of which they are a part…it’s important to us to invest in making a positive difference to the local communities whose people play a vital role in our business. 

This ranges from education, healthcare and infrastructure development in Senegal to encouraging local schoolchildren to enjoy a diet rich in veggies.