Freshlock® is a revolutionary innovation that reduces food waste and saves time in the kitchen, whilst delivering freshly picked flavour…making it a perfect solution for foodservice and hospitality.

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Reduce waste

The Freshlock® process gently pasteurised vegetables, extending the life whilst retaining the natural goodness. The life is extended 5 – 10 times that of fresh produce which means waste can be reduced and stock levels managed more effectively. 

Save time

Freshlock® sweetcorn, squash and potatoes are available in a variety of cuts saving precious prep time in the kitchen. 

Just taking 5 minutes to cook in the microwave, the veggies are cooked perfectly providing a blank canvas for your creativity! 

Grown with love

Freshlock® vegetables are grown by award winning sustainable farmers Barfoots. Barfoots grow a number of vegetables on the South Coast of England which has the highest light levels in the UK, providing the perfect conditions for the most delicious veggies. 

Barfoots follow the sun to provide delicious vegetables all year round with Barfoots Senegal and Barfoots Espana providing the supply outside the UK season. Produce is transported via an optimised cool chain by road, rail and sea to minimise carbon.

“As the UK’s largest food service fresh produce provider, we put the customer at the very heart of our business from the field through to delivery. Working in partnership with companies like Barfoots through Freshlock® allows us to really focus on what the customer wants and ensure that we are delivering exactly what they need to support their business.”

Sarah Phillips, Sysco