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What is Freshlock®?

Freshlock® is a revolutionary innovation that gently pasteurises fresh veggies, locking in their goodness with a longer life of 25 days. Free from preservatives or additives, it’s delicious, easy, good for you and helps reduce food waste too!

How is Freshlock® different?

Unlike standard vacuum packed veg, Freshlock® keeps the flavour, crunch and vibrancy of the fresh veggies.  When tested with 50 consumers, 100% of respondents preferred Freshlock® sweetcorn to standard vacuum packed sweetcorn. It scored an impressive 85% across flavour, texture, aroma, appearance and convenience compared to 50% for the standard product.

Freshlock® sweetcorn

Available as sweet succulent bites, ribs, cobettes, and full cobs. High in fibre and contributing to your 5 a day, each pack takes just 5 minutes to cook in the microwave. Hit with your favourite flavours or enjoy simply season free!

“This is the most delicious corn on the cob from a pack I’ve ever tasted. Texture and flavour is outstanding! It’s easy to cook and easy to handle!”

Freshlock® squash

Freshlock® butternut squash slices are a super easy way to enjoy this power veg that’s rich in provitamin A carotenoids, vitamin C, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, manganese and fibre!

Freshlock® potatoes

This original comfort veg is now a whole lot easier…just 5 minutes in the microwave for fluffy potato perfection!

Where do Freshlock®
veggies come from?

Our veggies are grown with love by award winning sustainable farmers Barfoots on the South Coast of England. Outside of the UK season Barfoots follow the sun growing in Spain, Senegal and Latin America to provide the most delicious veggies all year round.

Where can I buy Freshlock®?

Freshlock® is currently on sale at Costco and being served up at a number of restaurants. If you’re interested in Freshlock®, we’d love to hear from you.